Purpose of association

The purpose of this association is to explore avenues of mutual interest and cooperation in public policy and to promote awareness of the contributions and commitments that the globalization services providers, and related industries make to the entertainment sectors of our society. It is important to recognize that these activities are subject to certain legal limits imposed by state and federal antitrust laws. One central concern of these laws is with combinations or agreements in restraint of trade whereby competition is reduced by design. Business people generally are cognizant of the restrictions on price fixing imposed by the law.

In addition, there are many other areas in which legal implications are raised. For example, agreements to reduce prices, standardize discounts, divide territorial markets or customers, or to promote group boycotts are illegal. Consequently, in the course of all trade association activities, discussions among members involving pricing, sale terms, territories, production or other aspects of competition, must be avoided. In the event any member ever feels that the course of association activities or statements or actions in association meetings is headed into such an area, members should raise the issue immediately so that further discussion of such matters can be suspended pending receipt of advice satisfactory to the members that the topics addressed do not give rise to antitrust problems.