Why I joined EGA

I’m very much pleased to say that I am the first professional member of the Entertainment Globalization Association: a twenty-six-year-old Portuguese guy with almost 4 years of experience in Audiovisual Translation, passionate about this craft and eager not to ever stop learning and I joined EGA for a few different reasons, intrinsically related to one another. I want to start by saying that my professional goal in life is to improve day after day and go on to be recognized in this industry. I am proud to be an audiovisual translator, I know what it takes to be one – a lot more than most people think -, and I have always felt the need for a big platform so that I can stand up for what I do in a way that people will acknowledge, value and respect it. And I reckon that I have found it. Being born in a small country like Portugal, I don’t really feel that I can make a big name for myself, not that I don’t have the necessary skill set, but because our work is not held in much high regard by the Portuguese public, the viewers. Only do they realize that there’s a real human behind their favorite series’ subtitles when they notice a typo, an error, a mistranslation – or what they think to be one -. We lack a labor union, for example, that represents us and gives us a voice. We do have an association, ATAV, but we’re too limited in what we can do. So, by joining EGA, I feel that I’m making a big step in the right direction so that I can showcase my work in a way that people will know that what I do, what we do, matters and makes a huge difference in the Entertainment industry. In a way, being an EGA member gives me a sense of belonging to a group of people who face the same daily struggles, who understand each other, who are together in one cause, with eyes on the future and excellence of this industry. We individual members, as freelance, are used to working alone, so I’m hoping that this community that’s being created will allow many of us to interact with one another, to share knowledge and experiences, to learn from those who have been treading this road for many years, to land new working opportunities and grow further in our careers, and will make us feel and act as a whole. All of this can be accomplished through EGA’s online private communities that allow for collaboration, the opportunity to create blog posts on the website, the access to our industry job board and industry insights as they become available, and the opportunity to vote in EGA’s Storyteller Awards for one’s peer group. This in particular gives us a voice that I don’t think we have ever had and that’s of the utmost importance. I think we can all agree on that. This being said, I’m really excited and looking forward to seeing our community grow, to seeing changes and progress being made, to getting to know my colleagues and hopefully meeting them one day, when this pandemic is over. I commit myself to giving it my best shot, helping retell many world stories and leave a mark. Ultimately, I look forward to witnessing Future happen. After this gloomy 2020, EGA may well be our breath of fresh air in 2021. And that’s great news! To the future!