CANNES: It has been a different world globally since Covid first began, affecting all of our lives and our industry as a whole.

One thing for sure, due to the pandemic protocols, TV viewing hours are up on the average of 35% per household, specifically due to adults and children having more time to stay at home.

The results of the increase in viewing hours, has yielded an upsweep on the demand for programming, to and from every language.  Even old classics are being resurrected and localized into new languages.

To fulfill the on-going needs for multiple language programming globally, even during the pandemic, The Kitchen has increased its own language capabilities by adding two additional locations to its international language facilities.

With the additionof The Kitchen Argentina and The Kitchen Israel, the globalization studio now counts 14 locations in its wealth of language services: TK Argentina and TK Israel have joined TK France; TK Germany; TK Italy; TK Spain; TK Moldova; TK Russia; TK MENA;  TK Hungary; TK Turkey; TK Brazil; TK Mexico and TK USA.

“Adding Argentina to our Latin Spanish capabilities give The Kitchen the opportunity to continue to increase the depth of our LAS capabilities and increase our talent base,” Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen explained. “Israel fulfills an ever-increasing need for Hebrew language dubbing for feature films, animation projects and live action series.  Since our new studios have joined The Kitchen “family”, both locations have been booked solid.”