SAO PAULO: “The dubbing industry around the world has increased significantly during the global pandemic,” explained Ana Paula Keller, Executive Director of The Kitchen Brazil. “Most other industries were stagnant, but due to the extension of TV viewing hours for everyone, we saw the need to expand our operation—fast.”

With this month’s relocation in Sao Paulo, The Kitchen Brazil now has three times the footage, on three floors, with the capability to build eight new sound booths and a new production room.

“We had been working out of a wonderful house, that we were constantly retrofitting to meet increased needs, so the move to a large building to accommodate our growth plans”, Ana Paula continued, has been very exciting.”

Many of The Kitchen Brazil’s staff continue to work remotely, due to slow Covid coverage in the country. However, with the move, The Kitchen Brazil anticipates building its staff, updating security protocols, as well as implementing many technical upgrades.

“By becoming part of The Kitchen group, we have had the opportunity to get in touch with a very different universe from what we had previously experienced. Understanding the processes of a large organization, how work flows in other countries are managed and how they all can benefit us has been most beneficial. Strengthening our communication with The Kitchen headquarters in Miami, which is our main contact, and the ability to learn different ways to offer the products we were already working with, has set us on a very positive path”, The Kitchen Brazil’s Executive Director concluded. “The future for the entire Kitchen family looks very promising.”

The Kitchen Brazil is now located at:
Rua Duilio, 326
CEP: 05043-020
Sao Paulo- Sp

The phone number is: +55 (11) 3833-0266