Localization Workflow Knowledge Base

Client provides project details: Genre, duration, songs, start talents requests, casting requests, delivery deadlines.

Assets: Low resolution video file with good quality video (MP4), M&E audio track, dialogue stems, print master (full mix original audio), original dialogue scripts, song texts (eventually translations).

Production start: based on the material provided studio assigns translation/adaptation, dubbing director is chosen, song lyrics creation is ordered.

Casting: If a client requires casting approvals, VTK is received, and a casting session is organized and delivered for approval. If no casting is required, the director provides creative talent choice.

Approvals: Client can require to approve text translations / adaptations. Ready script are shared for approval prior to recordings.

6 Recordings:

  • Booker books actors/VT and recordings start, one actor is recorded at a time,  walla sessions are organized as group recordings.
  • Dubbing director is present during recordings to guide the actors. For some content and in some countries, the director is supported by a dubbing assistant.
  • Upon request, clients can also assist with recordings.

Edit: Once recorded lines are synced with the original video / audio, the files are ready to be mixed.


  • Audio tracks are being mixed by the sound engineer in the target format – 2.0; 5.1; Atmos.
  • If no missing lines or errors are found, the file is good to be QC.
  • If anything needs to be picked up in the studio, the information is passed to the production coordinator.

Technical control: Once the mix is done, another sound engineer is reviewing for quality control.

Delivery to the client:

  • Mixed and QCd files are delivered to the clients. 
  • Sometimes a screener is also prepared (low res video encoded with localized/dubbed audio).

Eventual rejection:

  • If the client rejects the file for whatever reason, PM picks it up and the file is reviewed by sound engineers and PM.
  • If necessary, file gets fixed and 2nd delivery is made.

Country specific workflows

EUROPE: Czech, English (subtitling), French, German, Hungarian, Hungarian (subtitling), Italian, Nordics (subtitling), Polish, Russian.

AFRICA: African languages.

ASIA: Japanese.