Content Security Support

EGA members have exclusive access to the following Security Risk Management services offered by our trusted industry security partner:

Content Shield 360 (CS360)

$8,850 + $750 TPN Assessment* per facility covered.

*This TPN assessment bundle price is for remote assessments.
Members enrolled in CS360 may request for their TPN Assessment to be conducted on-site for an additional fee.

TPN Assessment Only (EGA Membership required)

$1,500 per facility covered.

TPN Assessments for members not enrolled in CS360 are remote only.

To sign up for a TPN Assessment at the EGA member rate or enroll in CS360, contact Membership Services here.

Enroll in Content Shield 360

CS360 Benefits:

  • A $750 TPN Assessment (per facility)
  • A 50% discount on select training and education offerings from EGA
  • Year-Round Security Consultation. Includes:
    • TPN Assessment preparation & post-assessment support (even if you opt for another company to provide your TPN Assessment)
    • Detailed Security Baseline of your facility and operations conducted by our security advisor (conducted every 18-24 months or sooner upon request)
    • Security Risk Posture (SRP) score (a score-based analysis of current risk environment around content at your facility)
    • Risk Mitigation Plans (RMP) provided following each Security Baseline
    • As-needed security strategy and guidance via email and scheduled video conference calls
  • Incident Response and Investigation Support. Our EGA security advisor will be on standby to help make sense of an incident, recommend immediate courses of action to minimize further risk or exposure, and offer objective investigative support to get answers.
  • Anonymous Reporting Mechanism. For every facility you enroll in CS360 we provide an anonymous reporting resource where anyone can submit reports of activity that might threaten the security of assets or information. Our security advisor will notify your leadership of these reports and protect the identity of the reporter.
  • Threat Landscape Monitoring. Quarterly and ad-hoc security reporting relevant to the entertainment industry and globalization workflows. EGA members enrolled in CS360 may also send vulnerability reporting from their internal vulnerability scanning software to our security advisor for analysis and recommendation.
  • Exclusive access to Supplemental Security Services (quoted on request):
    • Workforce Deep-Dive. Our security advisor will thoroughly and objectively review everything about your workforce from recruiting and hiring, to team management philosophies, to leadership climate, to individual employee and freelance happiness and satisfaction in order to uncover risks posed by shortcomings in company culture or workforce management. Leadership will be presented with a summary of findings and actionable recommendations.
    • Software Application Security Review. A security review of software tools you are building for your own operations or for use by the globalization community.
    • Penetration Testing. Evaluation of your network’s security posture against simulated attack vectors.
    • Fully-Led Incident Investigation. When an incident occurs and you wish to have an objective third-party investigation completed.

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