Prime Focus Technologies announces free COVID vaccines for its employees; supports community relief measures

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology subsidiary of Prime Focus, the world leader in media and entertainment industry services, has released a COVID-19 update as India grapples with an increasing number of new cases. While India will come together and get through this, PFT encourages all its stakeholders (Employees, Investors, Customers, Partners, and Society) to get vaccinated and build their defense against the deadly virus. PFT will reimburse COVID vaccination for its employees across all locations in India.

“85% of our employees have been working remotely even before the second lockdown was imposed. They can visit the nearest hospital to them and get vaccinated and, on producing the vaccination certificate, PFT will reimburse them,” said Mangesh Pathak, Chief Strategy Officer, PFT. “In these extremely challenging situations, we have stood together as one team to support each other and our stakeholders at large. This initiative is a continuation of that spirit.”

Right at the start of the pandemic, PFT found newer ways of working and ensured complete business continuity for its global customers, thanks to virtualization offered by its flagship Media ERP software CLEAR™. PFT will maintain its flexible working model and continue to provide business continuity to its clients. The safety of its staff and clients remains a key focus. For associates who do have to work from its office locations, the company provides a safe work environment and is conducting RT-PCR tests regularly.

Lastly, as India faces an acute shortage of medical oxygen, multiple voluntary initiatives are trying to address the gap. PFT has made an initial contribution to the Oxygen for India program launched by The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy (CDDEP), headquartered in Washington DC and New Delhi. It is also using its social platforms and workgroups to spread the word on this noble initiative and mobilize financial support.

“We live in extraordinary times, and the healthcare infrastructure of our country is being challenged due to the enormous increase in COVID-19 cases. As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe our duty does not end with taking care of ourselves,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Founder and Global CEO, PFT. “We are fully committed to doing our bit to support the various measures initiated by the government as well as voluntary agencies to offer relief to the community at large to fight and survive this pandemic.”