Industry Leading VoiceQ Joins EGA as Bronze Sponsor

Los Angeles, CA - Today the Entertainment Globalization Association has announced that Kiwa Digital the makers of VoiceQ suite joined the Entertainment Globalization Association as Bronze Sponsors.  VoiceQ is a software suite designed to make the audio localization and ADR process for film and episodic television highly efficient.   The software comprises 5 distinct tools which together allow audio localization providers (dubbing studios) to be more efficient, work more quickly and provide better quality while also improving profitability.  The software is a preferred tool for many of the world’s leading localization vendors and a critical foundation to the audio localization process.  

“Many of EGA’s member companies are among our super users and it seemed a natural step for VoiceQ to support this group to help move the whole industry forward” said Steven Renata, VoiceQ’s Managing Director.  

The last 24 months have been a period of rapid innovation for VoiceQ, launching or expanding every tool in the suite.  This has included migrating to cloud-based solutions, remote dubbing support and was among the first tools to support Netflix’s new TTAL specification for localization assets.  With a development team this agile and market responsive, VoiceQ will no doubt be a valuable contributor to the EGA’s mission of Elevating the Art and Science of Global Storytelling.  

“VoiceQ has a beautiful history of technology enabling language with their earliest efforts to revitalise the Māori language by dubbing content into their native New Zealand te reo Māori  language.  This has evolved into a beloved tool used by some of the greatest story “re-tellers” in the world.  We’re excited to have VoiceQ in the EGA and look forward to working with them on some of the standards and technology challenges that lay ahead for our industry” said Chris Fetner, Managing Director of EGA.  

About VoiceQ:

Developed and distributed by New Zealand technology company Kiwa Digital Ltd, VoiceQ is a systemized software solution that automates dialog replacement in the post-production stage of film, TV, video and games production, enabling precise synchronisation and quality performance. Today, VoiceQ has achieved a dominant domain position; gained competitive advantage through continual innovation; been validated with 155 clients that include 50 of the largest SVOD and broadcast partners; and achieved global brand recognition as helping to drive the English dubbing boom.   For more,www.

About the EGA

The EGA is a California-based trade association primarily focused on building a stronger connection with the creative talent that entrusts the localization sector to “retell” their stories for audiences in different cultures and languages. Their main areas of focus are creating standardization, conducting localization research, creating industry education opportunities and celebrating high quality localization. The organization is narrowly focused on entertainment localization as defined by audio localization (dubbing), subtitling, audio description and graphic replacement for episodic, feature-length and gaming entertainment.  Currently, there are over 120 member companies and nearly 600 individual members from around the world.