Executive Director of Sales Operations

Burbank, CA
Full Time
6 months ago

The Executive Director of Sales Operations is responsible for the business operations of the Global Sales Organization. This includes sales planning, forecasting, and budgeting, analyzing sales performance, developing and administering commissions plans, preparing sales projections, performing research, developing trend analyses and strategies to optimize sales processes and daily sales operations. In addition, the role will be responsible for customer contract administration, ensuring all contracts are in alignment with Iyuno objectives and policies, and reviewed by the Company’s legal counsel.

Capabilities & Skills

  • Sales Planning and Analysis – Strong experience in finance, including financial modelling and reporting, Salesforce, research and analysis. In-depth knowledge of, and demonstrated experience in, designing commissions structures is also required. Sales Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting, and Performance Analysis, to include regular review and analysis of sales performance, reconciling actual revenue results with Salesforce pipeline data, to provide sales trend analysis; preparation of fiscal year sales budgets, and monthly and quarterly re-forecasting; and sales team performance analyses, including monitoring of key performance indicators and development plans for each active user of Salesforce.
  • Leadership – Exceptional team leadership skills; able to lead by influencing others through effective communication and collaboration skills and experience.
  • Communications – Strong and consistent communication skills to build and nurture relationships at senior levels both within IYUNO and externally with stakeholders, including shareholders and the Board of Directors. Must take ownership in internal communications with Sales and Business Development teams across different regions to connect financial analysis with core operations and sales and operational initiatives.
  • Business/Operational – Able to provide timely, accurate, and consistent deliverables and operational leadership with an eye for detail. Experience in business management and contract administration is a must. After six months, this role will include Contract Administration, to include the managing and maintaining all required legal template documents, such as Sales Agreements, NDAs, Assignments of Rights, etc; the centralization of the management, maintenance, and control of all existing commercial Sales Agreements; issuance of alerts when expirations approach, and the ongoing review of insurance documents for compliance; and the oversight of legal negotiations on new contracts to ensure compliance with policy, pricing, and the service level agreements. Pricing Structure Development, to include the review and validation of new pricing structures; the development of commercial models for rebates, incentives, or new product offerings; and the enforcement of proper compliance with policies, including quoting policies and onboarding policies. Commission Plan Administration, to include quota development; quarterly and annual commission payment calculations; and legal review and compliance of commission plans in all markets where plans are used. This role will oversee the Salesforce Administration in Singapore, to include serving as lead administrator for all Salesforce platform use, including users, logins, rights, access, etc.; configuring custom reports for the executive management team; configuring and managing all account structures and logic in the Salesforce platform; and driving the 100% adoption of Salesforce for all relevant business segments.
  • Commitment – Able to handle long hours from time to time, as required, and demonstrate an understanding of the nature of job where commitment to quality and timely delivery of output is of the essence. Must demonstrate enthusiasm about the Company’s future growth and its underlying strategic initiatives and be able to lead and execute those initiatives along with the guidance of the CXO team.