Los Angeles, California, August 31st 2021 — Today, the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA) announced it has entered into a multi-year exclusive partnership with End State Advisor Group (ESAG) to provide EGA members with a suite of tools and services that will ensure maximum security for pre-release material. Content Secure 360 (CS360) provides a comprehensive spectrum of services available exclusively to EGA members providing them the most secure environment possible for the complex and unique workflows used in content localization. Working across physical, infrastructure, and behavioral security vectors the program will position the content localization service sector as the strongest link in the content supply chain.

“Our members are deeply invested in being great custodians of stories as they travel around the world, a critical component of that commitment is protecting them from leaks, spoilers and other incidents that diminish the intended viewing experience. I’m thrilled we’re working together as an industry to adopt the strongest measures possible to protect stories in our care” Said Chris Fetner, EGA Managing Director.

One of the foundational aspects of this framework is leveraging the existing Trusted Partner Network (TPN) available through the Motion Picture Association. ESAG will be conducting deeply discounted TPN audits for all EGA members, allowing every EGA member company the opportunity to seek TPN membership. Services on top of this audit framework will include; coaching, consultation, monitoring, incident response support, deeper infrastructure review and software security evaluation. The comprehensive approach is designed to work collaboratively with EGA members to create a security “partnership” with the shared goal of protecting great stories.

“Throughout my career in content security I’ve seen a fundamental flaw in the concept of security consultation as a “police force” here to catch you doing something wrong. While leading vendor security at Netflix, I realized all vendors appreciate how important security is to their success. We’ll be taking that same collaborative, transparent approach to not only security best practices, but also creating a “culture of securing IP’ Said ESAG Managing Director Greg Nolan.

The CS360 program will be available starting in Mid-September and will include the TPN assessment, educational modules online for employees and freelancers, ongoing monitoring and reporting of threats to the ecosystem, review of software, quarterly reporting on security trends and threats, and several monthly engagements with ESAG employees.

“We have EGA members of all sizes and shapes, so the CS360 offering is designed to give all our members the same high standard of content security foundation as a value added service for membership, it’s completely voluntary but we think most members will take advantage of some if not all of the framework” said Fetner.

“It’s exciting to provide this “turnkey” security solution to EGA members, many of whom I worked with through Netflix’s NP3 program or during my time with Apple. I’m confident we can make Content Localization an example of an industry working together to protect valuable IP” said Nolan.

About EGA:

The EGA is a California-based trade association primarily focused on building a stronger connection with the creative talent that entrusts them to “retell” their stories for audiences in different cultures and languages. Their main areas of focus are creating standardization, conducting localization research, creating industry education opportunities and celebrating high quality localization. The organization is narrowly focused on entertainment localization as defined by audio localization (dubbing), subtitling, audio description and graphic replacement for episodic, feature-length and gaming entertainment. Currently there are 111 member companies and over 600 individual professional members.

About ESAG:

ESAG is a Virginia-based security risk consulting group headed by former United States Marine Corps officer Greg Nolan. Nolan has held leadership positions in IP, infrastructure, and supply chain security at Apple, Amazon, and Netflix and has provided security services to other major corporations and entities within the entertainment, technology, and defense sectors for over a decade. He holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and has a MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. He and his team specialize in collaborative security frameworks, security education and security culture change.