Welcome the Baby New Year!

Why a Baby is the perfect metaphor for 2021...

There’s very few people that can resist a newborn baby!  Their delicate little features, their sleepy cuteness, and the wonder in their eyes as they take in the new world around them.  Aside from being adorable, babies represent so many wonderful sentiments; hope, innocence, the future, limitless possibilities.  These are all things that have been in short supply in 2020, replaced with frustration, despair, and worry.  Sure, we have many things to be grateful for...personally all my loved ones have been healthy, I have a great family that I love and loves me back, and I’m financially stable enough to maintain my lifestyle through 2020’s many fiscal stresses.  I’m blessed, lucky, and grateful, for sure all these things!  But I haven’t been particularly hopeful this year, nor have I felt awash with possibilities. In fact, I’ve felt pretty confined, both literally and figuratively.  And while I won’t say I’ve been hopeless, it has at times been difficult to picture the future without COVID-19, and what our future might look like.  As far as innocence goes, I’ve lost whatever I had left this year.  As I’ve seen politicians put self-interest ahead of those they govern, I’ve  seen people forgo scientifically recommended practices intended to slow the impact of the virus in favor of their own desires and wants...my cynicisms has grown. Have there been bright spots this year, yes...of course.  I won’t forget them, but as years go, 2020 is one Old Man Time that I’m happy to see dead today!  

When everyone of my children was born I was so excited for them and me.  I can remember specifically sitting with each of them, holding them as they slept and imaging what they would become.  How would they grow, would they be funny? athletic? would they have a cute laugh?   Would they like math and science, or favor debate (like me).  I sat with those babies and thought about my own childhood and how I wanted to give them everything good I experienced and shield them from the bad.  In my arms I held limitless possibilities and that was exciting.  In some ways I wanted to get on with it, but I also didn’t want them to grow up too fast.  I still feel that way, every new chapter in their life brings me joy, but also sadness that the preceding one is finished...like a great story in which I’m a living character.  Every story has an arc, with highs and lows and of course endings.  Thankfully my ending has yet to come and hopefully they’re are many chapters ahead.  For me, I’m hoping 2020 was a bad chapter and 2021 will be a stunning retort.  

This is why the symbol of the Baby New Year is a perfect one.   We all understand and appreciate babies and the promise they hold and our minds can easily equate to the possibilities of a new year and what that might mean for us.  A new job, a new friend, some exciting projects that will bring us joy, the milestones of our kids, maybe even some of the work we’ll undertake in EGA.  Certainly there is the very real possibility that COVID will be managed way down with vaccination programs and a return to something that resembles the world we once knew...maybe with a little more empathy even.  The year is just a little newborn today, on which you can project many possibilities and opportunities, it’s brand new and uncorrupted by last year and all the negative things which happened...it’s hopeful.   Today, take that little baby in your hands, hold it, look it in the eyes and imagine what it might become.  Then get on with raising it, you’ve only got 12 months to make it what you hope it can be!  

For my kids-