Stop putting cheap gas in the Ferrari

Imagine you had this little beauty, a Ferrari SF90 Spider.  769 horses under the hood, ready to whisk you away to 60 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds.  Beautiful to the eye and heart grabbing to the soul!  Really, IMAGINE it for a second, wind blowing through your hair (over my bald head), engine purring as you shift through the six speeds, g-forces tugging at you with every high speed turn you take. Can you feel the horses under the hood as you corner the mountain roads of the Alps, the Perinnes, the Rockies or whichever winding mountain road that your fantasy can conjur? I don’t own a Ferrari and it’s doubtful I ever will (I keep playing the lottery)...but I do appreciate them.  Every aspect of a Ferrari is well thought out, the engine highly tuned by engineers, the body carefully modeled by expert designers, even the interiors hand stitched by master craftsmen.  All coming together into a perfect combination of beauty and engineering, designed to both take away our breath and capture our hearts.  It takes nearly three months to build a modern Ferrari, this compared to the 90 minutes it takes to build a Tesla Model 3.  Remember, we’re still IMAGINING you own and drive a Ferrari, so think about rolling up to a gas station and putting some gas into that $500k sports car that took hundreds of professionals months to build. Picture yourself lifting that gas nozzle, placing it in the gas receptacle, and pushing the octane selection button...which one do you push?  Knowing you have this highly valuable and delicate machine, well designed, perfectly executed and loved by you put the cheapest possible gas you can buy?  Do you risk low octane gas damaging your engine?  No, you’d never!  You want that engine to sing, you want that car to go!  You want to get back to the Alps and the wide sweeping aerials you’re dreaming of in your imagination.  If there was a button that said 200 octane at $12 a gallon you’d be putting that in the cherry red stead you’re driving.  Right? Of course!

If you think about it, movies and television shows are a lot like sports cars.  They take hundreds of talented craftsmen, designers, artists and leaders to make them...with a single purpose of delighting us, inspiring us and touching our hearts.  Enzo Ferrari said “If you can imagine it, you can make”  Is that not more true for entertainment than it is for cars?  I had a good friend that said to me “no one ever sets out to make a bad movie, the hours are just as long, the effort just as high for all movies”.  I also feel that no one would ever go through the years of development, the production, the post production and even the publicity of a movie or television project if they didn’t in their hearts want it to be successful.  Never has “success” been more tied to global viewing than now, when global platforms license content and make it easy for viewers to watch from around the world...but also measure to non-english eyes and ears.  If you are a producer, director, or even an actor...your content must be well localized to achieve success as measured by global platforms, that’s the reality of global streaming distribution. 

I hear time and time again from EGA members that a studio will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a blockbuster film and then press hard to save a few thousand dollars on localization.  It’s not always or all of the studios, but it’s happening and sometimes to the detriment of the project.  These Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Veyrons are coming off the assembly line and the first thing that’s happening to them is 83 octane gas is getting pumped into them...before the key even hits the ignition.  This is hurting projects and needs to be called every car a luxury one?  No.  Is every movie a blockbuster?  No.  But when it is, put in the high octane and make that engine purrrrrr!  And if you are a creative talent that makes movies and television, maybe ask someone at the studio “is my Ferrari getting the good stuff?”