Lift Off

Searching for relics and great partners in Greece

When I was at Netflix, my favorite aspect of my job was my team. I loved leading them, inspiring them and helping them achieve their best work. Second, was working closely with the vendors that helped Netflix achieve so much growth and success.

I spent the better part of a decade traveling around the world, hand picking the companies that I and my team thought would be total rockstars for Netflix as they localized our content. Not only did they have to be incredibly talented in the services they offered, but they needed to have integrity, honesty and a willingness to evolve as the business needs changed. 

Everywhere I went, I found great companies that were deeply committed to retelling the stories entrusted to them. Some were family owned maybe on the third generation of leadership, some big, some small, others owned by investment groups or bigger companies, some biased toward innovation, others deeply committed to traditional craft. They all had a place in our ecosystem and they all were part of something special, committed to retelling stories across cultures and languages so they could bring joy to millions. 

When I left Netflix in September, I’d hoped to enjoy a bit of an early retirement and perhaps consult a little in the future. I’d already been asked to join a few boards for companies in technology and also aviation, two of my personal passions. I had my plans and was looking forward to a rest after a pretty focused period contributing to making global streaming a reality. I knew I would miss working with the team and vendors, but the future was bright for me and I hoped I could stay connected even though I was no longer “involved”.

Then an amazing thing happened, an opportunity arose to stay involved with this special industry of localization and it shook up all my plans. That amazing thing was a chance to lead the Entertainment Globalization Association, to be part of an effort to work together so they can meet the current needs of the entertainment industry and evolve for the future.

So in the depths of wave two of COVID-19, lockdowns and anxiety, I found myself on Zoom calls with these special localization companies, these people I loved and admired deeply for their dedication to telling stories in their languages. I stared at these familiar faces of companies I’d known for years and I was no longer their customer, I was their advocate. I was humbled by their trust in me and their faith that together we could forge a bright future for globalization. I would wake up in the middle of the night with excitement and enthusiasm in my heart as we together planned not only this moment of launching a new association, but the future of our organization and its activities.

I’m brimming with the possibilities this group has to contribute in spreading the joy of stories globally. It occurred to me that becoming the Managing Director of EGA was a perfect blend of my two passions, helping people achieve their best selves and working with professionals committed to excellence. I look forward to working with everyone and the many great companies that will join our ranks as we start this journey together.  It is a significant honor to represent these passionate people and I can’t wait to get the work started!

With that, 5-4-3-2-1….blast off!