I can see 100 on the horizon!

When I first started talking with the founding companies of EGA to discuss launching the organization I was in my typical bullish manner, optimistic.  I’d seen the power of an industry working together toward positive change and innovation which benefited all the stakeholders.  Sure, there was a global pandemic, sure there was uncertainty, and sure there was fierce competition among this industry.   But there was also incredible demand, projected growth and a general longing to be part of a mature industry that could move past individual competition to tackle big challenges ahead and make the future brighter for everyone...at least that was my theory.  Theories are funny though, because they often aren’t right and I’ve got a few burning wrecks in my rearview mirror myself.   No level of enthusiasm or vigorous effort can lift a majorly flawed theory to success (which interestingly isn’t true on the inverse).   So as we moved along with the launch, I blissfully expected EGA would quickly find it’s footing and resonate with great companies that wanted to work together to ensure stories will be shared around the world in a delightful and artistically truthful manner...not matter the culture or language.  As we picked up steam heading toward our launch date in mid-november...my theory was looking good and some pretty fantastic localization companies were committed EGA members.  

So how is my theory looking now, well rock solid to be honest.  At this writing we are now 99 companies strong.  That’s nearly 100 companies committed to sharing the world’s stories at a high quality standard, in a secure manner that protects their client’s IP, that captures the artistic intent of the original version within the culture and language it's being enjoyed.   It’s nearly double from where we started just three months ago and I see many other companies just on the horizon.  It’s been amazing to see how this group has grown and with it so has the passion, the focus and the commitment to working together with a single focus of helping the artists we serve tell their stories to the world.  

I can’t forget the individual members either, they are right there with us and working on the same vision.  Our individual membership is now over 400 professionals and growing rapidly...they are amazing!  We have individual members on committees, contributing to educational efforts, joining events and sharing their perspectives to the industry which they support.  Like our general members, these professionals are committed to global storytelling at a high quality bar. Our professional members help EGA to have a fuller perspective on the whole industry and it’s a voice we appreciate having in our group.  

Am I surprised by the rapid doubling of the group, honestly yes.  You see even though I had a theory, it’s hard to actually predict outcomes.  There are a lot of things that can go wrong and even good ideas can be executed poorly.  Good intentions can fall flat.  So when I see new members join, I’m every bit as excited to have that new member as I was on member number #1, #10, or #75.  Because to me, that’s another company publicly affirming “we believe in the EGA, we believe in quality, we believe in telling great stories for culture and language and we believe global is the future of entertainment”.  To me that voice getting louder, stronger and more committed is euphoric!  I also know the welcome our new members will get and it makes me happy.  They are coming to a group that has five really well formulated committees already working on serious innovation in the areas of standards, education, outreach, consumer insights and awards of our industry.  I also know the smiles and warms wishes they will get from peers all over the world and the sense of community that’s never really been enjoyed by this industry until here in EGA.  New members are coming to an organization that’s strong...nearly 100 strong!