The Hangover

I’m sure many of us have had one or two rough mornings, when the previous night got just a touch too festive. There’s nothing worse than waking up foggy, head aching, dehydrated from a few too many adult beverages the evening before. I’m feeling that way at the moment, not because I drank too much or was out too late at a party (if only COVID-19 would allow such a thing).  I’m feeling that way because the EGA launch was a MASSIVE success!

I spent the last three days rapidly shooting off responses to journalists, commenting on the enthusiastic social media posts from our members, working with our media consultants and association support team, and setting meetings with all of the companies that want to participate. It’s been crazy in the best possible way! Like a happy hour that becomes a full night out... it was blissfully unexpected and the fun and excitement just kept rolling.

We were getting so much LOVE and attention that I had trouble processing it. It was like this industry had been waiting for this moment... a convergence of all these fantastic companies and professionals to celebrate their industry, the role they play in entertainment, and the future of entertainment globalization! 

Here are some of my favorite news pieces (THWR, SLATOR, ADTV, TVB) though I’m told by the consultants that we received hundreds of pickups globally. What a publicity “party”! I wish I could have popped a cork with the 60 companies that have formed this amazing organization...we can’t at the moment (though maybe we’ll try for a virtual one). But we have a long future ahead and much work to be done, so there will be opportunities to celebrate together later.

Right now I’ll need to focus on tidying up the minor mess a good party ultimately leaves, drink some water, rest a bit and maybe even take an aspirin....then I’ll be ready to get back to the business at hand! I raise a virtual glass to our now 69 member companies, growing individual membership and say "cheers" for sharing stories with the world, and your commitment to making this association an early success!